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The Brockhaus encyclopaedia contains the following definition for "modular system (German: "Baukastensystem" - synonyms: building-block system, unitised construction system): "A method of building complicated technical systems with the help of simple "building blocks", whose production, checking and replacement are particularly economical and which, through the combination options, enables a high degree of functional flexibility of the overall system and economically optimum adaptation to the task in hand."

This is standard that we apply to the development of our profile system. The goal is to provide the maximum design freedom and application diversity with the smallest possible number of profiles. As a result of development and strict adherence to the modular principle, the profile system requires less than 50 different profile cross-sections for a range of applications that extends from ergonomic workstation systems and dynamic linear axes through to highly complex assembly lines.

Due to the uniform groove shape, all profiles are completely compatible with each other, which requires fewer tools for assembling the profiles and additional components.

Advantage: saving on assembly time and minimum stocks.

To optimise this special groove geometry, MiniTec has worked together with the renowned Fraunhofer-Institut for Industrial Mathematics ITWM and achieved the optimum results.

  • The groove depth of 15 mm allows plenty of scope regarding the bolt lengths that can be used
  • Thicker groove flanks enable a wider groove and allow for a greater load capacity
  • All profiles have a tap hole, which allows the use of self-tapping bolts and screws – fastening without making threads
  • The uniform radius of the outer edges of 2.5 mm not only serves the aesthetic aspect of design, but also has a safety function and enables increased functionality As a result, there are no large gaps on assembly and there is no risk of injury and damage caused by sharp edges
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